Doodles || 画东画西

Most of my doodles were created using SketchBook Express app on my phone. Started doodling since 2016, and most of them were first posted in my Instagram account (IG: koala_ernz).

All the doodles are reorganise and repost in this blog.



1.   Horoscope Vol.1 (uploaded 19 May 2017)

2.   Sunny Side || 蛋蛋的小确幸

“Let the Sunny Siders give your life a lil’ sunshine.



3.   The Damaged Side || 残 · 缺

“Everyone has a dark side, so face it and ‘Draw’ it out.”


4.   BitchFace || 碧池脸儿

“Life sucks, so put on your biatch face”

5.  The Uncategorized。


6. Gifs