Sunny Side || Ep 12

Quote-12 (Eggrizz)

Toughen Up ! Learn to Bear the unBEARable. You can fight through anything in life.



– Eggrizz –




Sunny Side || Ep 11

Quote-11 (Crablette)

Even when things went sideways, Don’t put your claws down. You’ll need them to fight your way back.

– crablette –


Sunny Side || Ep 9

Quote-9 (Spidegg)



所谓准备,是有计划或策略性的准备,针对所想得到结果而做出的相关准备。准备包括前期、过程中和得到结果后,甚至包括了当预期结果未达成时,所做的‘backup plans’的准备。



Always be prepared. There will always be an outcome.


– Spidegg –

Sunny Side || Ep 7



【尝试 与 忠于自己。】


Just like the theme song from “Zootopia” (performed by Shakira), we should try everything, or as many as you can.

In life, there are all kinds of food we could eat, many places to go, many wonders to see and many things to experience. We should always try something new, no matter how big or how small the matter is. It may surprise you in a unexpected way. Good or bad, the experience will become a part of you. Just like a stroke on a canvas, at the beginning you may never know where it will lead you, but you will see it when the whole painting is done.


Trying different things and experiences in life is a good thing. However, overdoing it or trying too hard, or even convince yourself to accept the unnecessary changes, it will just make your life difficult and sometimes miserable.

Therefore, we should try different things in life, and from all the things we tried, pick those that make us feel comfortable, those that suit us better. Be true to yourself.